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How To Prepare For Maths Board Exam Class 10 and 12 CBSE 2021

Preparing for your board exams is sometimes haptic, even more when its your maths exam and you have very less time to prepare. I know, CBSE has reduced 30% syllabus out of the total syllabus but in the holidays it is more difficult to concentrate on study rather than the usual days. Because these days you have a lot of distraction to overcome. But don't worry, I assure you, if you follow each suggestion given in this article then you can achieve more than 90% marks. I know you have to study for all subjects you have opted including the extra subjects. So it is more important to prepare a time schedule for studying and preparing for every subject you will appear on the exam center. Make and Follow a Perfect Time Schedule I can't create a perfect time table for you because I don't know your habits and I don't know you personally. You are the only one who can create a perfect time table for your self. And you have to follow that time table on your own. Divide time accordin

The journey of 'The Kingdom Of Knowledge' from beginning to till now

  Hi, my name is Rahul Sharma and I am the author of this blog (The Kingdom Of Knowledge). Let us begin with my and this blog's introduction from beginning. So let me first tell you about me and then I will tell you about this blog and the purpose of making thi blog. I am Rahul Sharma, and currently I am preparing for Neet exam because I want to become a doctor in future. In the early time when I had no knowledge about different fields in each stream after 10th standard like Science, Commerce, Arts, I was very confused. I just knew that taking Science can end by becoming a doctor or an engineer, taking commerce can end by becoming a bank manager or CA and taking arts can end by becoming an IPS/IAS officer or a singer. I didn't know about the vast ocean of professions I can occupy by taking any of the streams. And hence I started searching and I came up with more than 3000 results. I was shocked that this world of professions with great lifestyle is this much big. I had never th